Certified Copy Editor offering Digital Language & Literary Solutions

Certified Copy Editor offering Digital Language & Literary Solutions

Certified Copy Editor offering Digital Language & Literary SolutionsCertified Copy Editor offering Digital Language & Literary SolutionsCertified Copy Editor offering Digital Language & Literary Solutions

Do you need copy edited or written?

I am particularly delighted that you are here.  At Precision, you're not just a client; you are a whole person with views, values, goals and a unique style. Expect an approach to business that's as special as you are. Your business is my business and vice versa. I am Precision. You are Precision. Together WE win!


The Product

  • Proofreading: With this level of editing your ideas remain untouched, except I give them a pristine English polish.

  • Copy editing: Our partnership grows with this level. Together we make your ideas sound better, feel better and we also keep you out of court.

  • Creative Writing: Your vision (or no vision) married with my skills to create a literary masterpiece!

The Process

You may communicate your request to me via WhatsApp, call or email. You will be issued a questionnaire that is tailored to the service you need. I'll need you to complete and return it to me by email. We will agree to terms and a price. I will produce the end product within the agreed time frame. It will be sent to you electronically. You will pay via my handy dandy PayPal button.  

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The Person

The face of a brilliant copy editor and freelance writer.

Meet your new partner in purpose, Juanita: a freelancer whose work and personality are as dynamic and brilliant as her smile. Language has been a strange love of hers ever since she can remember. She is a creative writer to her core. She loves all things creative. But make no mistake about it; this girl is razor sharp! She speaks and writes flawless English and even a little bit of Spanish. Allow her to sharpen your copy with her introductory proof reading service, or let her take it up a few more notches with her copy editor skills. 

The face of Precision.


Make me your partner in purpose.

Why everyone publishing anything needs to hire an editor:

Credibility: At minimum, you should always have any written or spoken publication proofread so that it presents professionally (or appropriately) and is easy to understand. Your publications not only represent the quality of your writing, but it also represents the quality of your product or service. Believe it or not, grammatical errors, spelling errors and factual errors, significantly reduce your credibility at face value. That brings me to reason #2: 

Relatability: The copy editor is the reader’s friend (and for this reason, I am also yours). This matters because we read your publications from the eyes and ears of your intended audience and ensure that they can relate to what you are saying. Many writers innocently and unintentionally write for themselves, rather than for their audience. In other words, you might think that your message is communicated clearly and to the right persons, but you can be terribly mistaken and have no idea that you are. That’s where copy editors come in to save the day. You should never publicise an opinion or piece of work unless it has a purpose. What do you want your audience to do or think after they have read, watched or listened? Should their attitudes about a subject change? A copy editor can help you determine what your purpose is, even if you haven’t thought about it.

Liability: You have great ideas but you don’t know how to say them or who you will offend. Don’t worry. With an editor on your team, you can feel free to say whatever is on your mind; and I will do the cleaning up for you! A good editor won’t change your voice and your audience will know it is you; but it will be polished and you stand a greater chance at avoiding legal woes. Legal concerns such as copyrights, trademarks and libel (slander) are all governed by law in your respective country. Hiring an editing professional can save you the time and energy it takes to learn the law. 

Let's get creative!

Do you have an advertisement you need produced, a script you need written for your event, or a document you need to create for official business? I can help with that too. Precision is actually quite happy to create content for you; serious content, humourous content, professional content, you name it and I'll do my best to deliver it.  I'm the handy dandy notebook for laymen, professionals and creators who don’t know what to say or how to say it.

Choose a package or customize your own!

Vision & Mission

To raise the standard of written and spoken communication amongst all English speaking persons, through the provision of writing, editing and educational services to individuals and broader entities. 


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